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Empowering the Community: Key Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month Shared by RCCFAC Representatives

Join us for an enlightening Coffee with the Chamber event on Tuesday, May 14, as we shine a light on an issue close to our hearts—Mental Health Awareness. In recognition of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, members from theRichland County Children and Family Advocacy Council (RCCFAC) will join us to discuss important topics surrounding mental health, childhood experiences, and community health improvement plans. This event promises to be an engaging and informative session, aimed at fostering understanding, support, and collaboration within our community.

Community Health Improvement Plan

Allicia Woodhouse, Coordinated Services Team Coordinator and Mental Health Case Manager will delve into the critical work being done on the Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Prevention committee. She will discuss the pivotal role of ACE’s Prevention and TIC in supporting families and children facing severe emotional disturbances. Allicia’s goal is to foster connections among various groups and individuals supporting these vulnerable demographics, to share successes and identify gaps in support. Her work through the Richland County Health and Human Services CST program is a beacon of hope for many families, providing a voluntary, free service that is making a significant difference in the community.

Join a CHIP Workgroup

Evan Ewing, Richland County Health and Human Services Public Health Specialist, will also present about the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and the upcoming CHIP Kickoff meeting. This initiative is a cornerstone of efforts to address substance misuse and mental health, identified as priority areas for this CHIP cycle. Evan will cover the importance of community involvement in planning and implementing strategies for positive change, emphasizing the need to address stigma and foster partnerships.

Attendees interested in participating in a CHIP workgroup are encouraged to sign up and contribute to this vital community effort.

Sources of Strength Wheel

Shelly Pluemer, Ithaca School Social Worker, will introduce student leaders from the Sources of Strength program. These inspiring young individuals will share their experiences, discussing the impact of the program and the campaigns they’ve led to promote mental health and resilience among their peers. It’s an opportunity to hear directly from those at the forefront of peer-led mental health advocacy.

Definition of Stengths

Want to learn more about Sources of Strength Elementary and Secondary School Program, Check out their program guide available below.

SOS FullProgramOverview
Download PDF • 5.79MB

Coffee with the Chamber | May 2024

The Coffee with the Chamber event serves a greater purpose than just a simple gathering. It's an invitation for all community members to unite, educate, and back each other in the crucial realm of mental health. Join us in this important dialogue and contribute to creating a positive impact. All area business professionals and community members are welcome to attend.

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